Inspiration Homestay Program

Many visa students make the journey each year to Canada to make their educational dreams come true. Oftentimes their parents cannot leave their homes and countries, so as a result, many older students set off to their new destinations alone. Our Inspiration homestay houses are beautifully situated in picturesque, safe and friendly communities close to public schools, transport and our Inspiration Learning Centers. We provide a comfortable, high quality environment with residential housekeeping and care services for your son or daughter when they are studying away from home.

Whether your child is are attending private school or public school, these students need guidance and supervision, and home stays are the only option for many families. If you are busy with a domestic business or a hectic work schedule, Inspiration Homestay Houses will also assist you as parents by helping you deal with school administration and by giving you regular school performance reviews.

Five years ago, in 2009, we also opened an Inspiration Learning Center in Guangzhou, China, so that we could better assist our students with visas coming over from China.

Our Homestay Residences

You can rest easy knowing that we will take the very best care of your son or daughter at Inspiration Learning Center’s homestay houses. Our experienced residential “parents” will do everything in their ability to make your child’s move and adjustment to Canada an enjoyable and inspiring experience. Our residential parents offer guidance and support so that your child can quickly make friends and settle in. We have been running our residential home stay houses since 2003 and have nurtured many newly arrived students and helped them to blossom and succeed.

Our services include the following:

  1. We will assist your child with all enrollment procedures for their specific school.
  2. We will pick up your child at the airport on arrival, and drop them back at the airport when they leave the country for vacation or at the end of their stay.
  3. We will provide comfortable accommodation and home care services, which include three wholesome meals each day, internet, air-conditioning and TV.
  4. We assign a trained and professional nanny/housekeeper to each Inspiration Home-Stay House who will be responsible for preparing all meals, cleaning and other housekeeping duties.
  5. We assign a professional, specialized mentor who is experienced in Western educational methods to every Inspiration Learning Center location. This person will be responsible for tutoring in English, in introducing your child to Canada and our culture, and in organizing extra-curricular activities so that your child gets out and has fun in their free time.
  6. We assist all our students in setting up an organized study plan with both short- and long-term goals as well as long-term overall career planning and guidance.
    Short term goals usually include: improving English skills, improving grades, acquiring good study habits, cultivating good living habits and adapting quickly to the new environments.
    Long-term career planning usually includes: helping your child to select their university major, choosing which university to attend, career planning, and assisting with immigration issues.
  7. Our mentors will provide and organize relevant, high quality tutoring to assist each student in reaching their long and short-term goals.
  8. We provide you with frequent reports concerning your child’s academic progress.
  9. We organize regular extra-curricular activities including field trips, outings, and more!
  10. Once your child graduates, we assist with all immigration issues and in recommending appropriate jobs.

For more information, please contact us:

Inspiration Learning Homestay House is a second home for your children! Contact us to find out more!

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